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Psycho-legal Assessment

A deeper, well thought out understanding of psycho-legal assessment yields more specific and value-laden outcome.

The use of psychological assessment in litigation has deconstructed complex matters into more understandable, plausible constructs that ease the burden on the various players in such litigative processes in deriving understandable meaning from events and circumstances.

Psycho-legal assessment gravitates towards understanding the underlying issues, the hidden patterns, and the most likely outcome which will likely emerge in the future. They provide a holistic understanding of the problem and the likely outcome. Such a holistic view has proven to be beneficial to litigative processes as it equips the parties with an in-depth understanding of the individual(s) involved from a psychological viewpoint.

We have gained exhaustive exposure in psycho-legal assessments to the point that our process is crafted in a time-efficient manner that is set to yield the fundamental information needed in drawing up tangible, science-based findings that stand the test of credibility.

Our team of experts have been actively involved in numerous matters on a daily basis which has aligned us as one of the most sought after group of psycho-legal experts as our work remains grounded in the principles of psychology and further nourished by extensive research and exposure.

OCG offers the OCG Flexi-Model which allows our clients to access our services in any parts of South Africa and beyond as we have satellite consulting rooms in all provinces. We also offer time-conscious turnaround times that enable you to conclude your matters timeously. We understand Quantum - we are well knowledgeable and experienced in past, future and possible loss of earnings. We are able to provide instant insight.

Should you wish to access our services, feel free to contact us on 012 433 6317 or 012 065 0510. We also have a dedicated service email that is operational beyond working hours;

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