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Our Services

Psycho-legal Assessments

We conduct psychological assessments and compile psycho-legal reports for all personal injury, medical negligence, unlawful arrest, police brutality and divorce loss of spousal support matters.

The key facets that are objectively presented in the reporting process include: work ability, earning potential (past loss of earnings or future loss of earnings, if there is any), plausible employment prospects and the psychological/emotional state and its impact on one's occupational career.

We ensure that our findings are factual, underpinned by thorough assessment process. We have partnered with market leaders in earnings insights and have well established relationships with actuaries to guarantee well-balanced reports that are actuarially comprehendible.



Organisational Development

We facilitate change in your organisation through a holistic and humanistic approach that puts people at the heart of the process.This process optimizes your organisation for high performance, equipping you with a competitive advantage.

OD entails facilitation of organisational success by aligning structural, cultural and strategic realities of work to respond to the needs of an ever evolving business climate.



Coaching presents a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge base of all employees.

The main benefits of a good coaching programme include: improved employee performance, improved employee satisfaction and morale, addressing weaknesses, consistency, adherence to quality standards, reduced employee turnover and increased innovation in new strategies and products.




Psychometric assessments are designed to allow us to check a potential employee's mental abilities, skill, intelligence, personality traits, motivations, and interests to ensure that you hire the best possible candidate.

The rationale is largely based on the scientific value of such assessments, moving away from sole reliance on interviews which are largely subjective. Due to the standardization and objectivity that accompanies psychometric assessments, nearly accurate information is provided in the selection of a suitable candidate for the specific role in question.


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