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Psycho-legal Assessments

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

We conduct psychological assessments and compile medico-legal reports for all personal injury matters. The key facets that are objectively presented in the reporting process include work ability, earning potential (past loss of earnings or future loss of earnings, if there is any), plausible employment prospects, and the psychological/emotional state and its impact on one's occupational career. We ensure that our findings are factual, underpinned by thorough. Psycho-legal assessment assists the process of psychological assessment in the legal system and psychology. These assessments are administered to provide expert input on a particular area of functioning as directed by the question being put before the court. Psychological knowledge is applied accordingly, however, this does not include clinical treatment or therapy. A report can be requested from a legal representative and will be provided directly from a Psycho-legal assessor.

Psycho-legal assessment can be done for Third-party claims (Example: a motor vehicle accident (RAF)) which psychological assessments will be done and determined due to the impact of the accident, medical negligence claims, Risk assessments, Employment/school/university-related issues, Personal injury claims, Psychological Trauma, Victims of Crime, Victims of Sexual Abuse, Insurance Claims, Sex Offender Risk, Risk of Violence, Mental Impairment/ or Disability, Malingering and Deception, General Psychopathology, Personality Functioning, Cognitive Functioning, Curatorship, Criminal Responsibility, Diminished Criminal Capacity, Fitness to stand trial, Mitigation/ Aggravation of Sentencing, Assessment of Risk Re-offending, Witness Competency, Care and Contact Assessments and Neuropsychological Assessments.

The psycho-legal assessment uses their skills and tools to assist these situations and more with the most professional and holistic perspective of the individual. Experts in the field will provide recommendations, treatment options and provide a prognosis report which will be handed over to the legal representative to help with the best outcome and support of the individual's well-being with this process. We do not compromise on the quality of service we offer to our valued clients. We strive to uphold a benchmark ‘OCG’ standard that gloats in consistent exceptional work. OCG – Unwavering delivery of incomparable service!

Medico-legal assessments are also used in this regard for the intersection between psychology and the justice system. This system is used to assist judges, attorneys, and other legal professionals with providing the correct and informative information to the appropriate professional. Understanding the law is a very important aspect of dealing with micro-legal assessments.

The process for Psycho-legal assessments:

An in-depth interview with the client.

Conducting psychometric testing where appropriate.

Evaluating the workplace to determine pre-and-post morbid career and earning prospects.

Providing medico-legal reports and other relevant reports and options in a new report generated by our professionals with regards to loss of income or any other related cases.

Communicating with all professionals involved in the medical field physically and mentally for accurate diagnoses and reports.

Submitting Industrial Psychologist reports on or before pre-agreed dates for submission.

Doing pre-trial consultations with attorneys, advocates, and other experts.

At Orgzone Consulting Group (OCG) we care about our clients and will provide professional help to our client's specific situations and understanding their legal rights. We aim to provide the best support when you need it the most. The key aspect of psycho-legal assessment is to support those individuals who have experienced an unexpected incident and providing the tools you need to ensure you get compensated for these unforeseen situations and ensure you get the mental, physical and legal help needed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Psycho-legal assessments process?

The psycho-legal assessments process has many aspects but the first step through this process is to be evaluated. An interview will be made with the client and potentially a relative or work colleague, which can help bring a better understanding of the client's personality traits and who they are.

Once this is completed we will proceed to the next step of the process, in which we will utilize psychometric assessment through a clinical interview. Once the psychometric assessment has been completed and evaluated, we will then have a meeting with the client to discuss any matters that arose from the psychometric assessment.

We will then compile everything together and generate a report, which will be handed to the legal representative of the client.

How long does a psycho-legal assessment take?

The psycho-legal assessment process duration depends on the case at hand and the complexity of the client's case. Investigation, evaluations, interviews, and reports are all part of this process which will be handed to the legal representative. To conclude it depends on the individual client case.

Will my medical aid pay for psycho-legal assessment fees?

Unfortunately, medical aids do not cover psycho-legal assessment fees. However, a legal representative will pay the clinical fees. If you need assistance in understanding the fees more you are welcome to call or send an email and ask questions.

What is included in a Psycho-legal Assessments Report?

In a Psycho-legal Assessments Report, we include dates, location, the case circumstances surrounding the individual/client, and the emotional response reported by the client, with the use of psychometric assessment which is done by our professionals.

What will a psychological evaluator ask?

A psychological evaluator will ask the client about their personal information/documentation. This includes the personal history of the client, medical history, family history, potential history in the family of mental illness, and the personality behavior of the client. This is very important as the evaluator needs to diagnose and understand the client well in order to brief and generate an accurate report.

Author: Thomas Tsikai (Industrial/Organisational Psychologist, Managing Consultant)

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