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Industrial Psychology consulting

Orgzone Consulting Group (OCG) is an Industrial Psychology consulting firm registered with HPCSA & currently operating in Southern Africa.

OCG upholds an afro-centric approach in psychology that is rich in contextual value whilst gravitating towards global trends in the world of work. We are a composite of a highly qualified team of Industrial Psychology experts, registered by the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA).

Our team of experts has gained exhaustive exposure in various facets of the industry. We act within the jurisdiction of all courts within South Africa and we are guided by the principles and guidelines of our professional body (HPCSA).

We understand the uniqueness of each and every individual, team, and organization which remains the foundation for a tailored approach to our clients' needs.

Orgzone Consulting Group consultants help provide professional advice and services based on our extensive experience of the world of work and our understanding of the underlying psychological and behavioral principles.

Six Major Subject Areas about Industrial Psychology Consulting:

Employee selection:

Employee selection evaluates if a job applicant is qualified for a specific job position or also called screening tests which help develop employee selection assessments.

Industrial Ergonomics:

This is a sub-field of ergonomics that focuses and helps adapt job requirements according to the physical needs of the individuals in their specific job position.

Organizational development:

Organizational development involves the study of organizations on improving the structure, implementation of practices, systems, and much more with the help of I-O psychologists.

Performance management:

Performance management involves analyzing employee performance. This includes developing performance assessments, techniques, identifying skill gaps, and providing feedback and advice on how to improve employee performance, this helps us to ensure that employees are performing well in their specific job field.

Training and development:

Our professional consultants will assist in identifying and determining what skills are necessary for a specific job position and what qualifications the individual or employee would need to perform at their best in that specific job position. Including training programs for those who need to build their skill levels or lack a certain skill in the position will also be assisted to help both the employee and employer and reducing stress.


Our industrial psychologist's consultants focus on job-related attitudes from employees. Ensuring that employee satisfaction is being met to improve and maximize productivity/performance at work. Our professional industrial psychologist's consultants will help to implement reward systems for employees to ensure they stay motivated and satisfied with their position within their specific position and perform optimally.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is Industrial-Organizational Psychology?

Industrial-Organizational Psychology focuses on individual employee behavior at the workplace. Our professional consultants will help, develop and apply psychological principles and research methods accordingly to improve the work environment and employee performance.

Expert Industrial-Organizational Psychology Topics:

Employee motivation

Employee motivation helps keep individuals at work invested in giving their best in performance and helps set energetic forces within the workplace. Professional psychology consultants will assist in providing advice on how to keep employees satisfied at work and to analyze work-related behavior to provide a solution with the help of I-O psychology.

Employee testing

Employee testing helps businesses and employers find the best fit for a specific job position and understand who would be the applicable candidate for the position. Professional consults will use I-O psychology with job analysis, applicant testing, and potential candidate interviews. This will ensure that all procedures are in place for new employees and help existing employees with ongoing training.


Leadership is helping a group of individuals within a workplace to work and act towards achieving a common goal. I-O psychologists are used to helping employees, employers, and managers to help understand the best strategies and training leaders in the workplace to utilize different skills to manage a team of members in the most effective way possible.

Product design

Product design helps businesses develop consumer satisfaction and within the workplace with the products. I-O psychologist may be used in this aspect to understand both the internal and external needs and wants of the business and finding the best solution.

Workplace diversity

Workplace diversity involves understanding the differences within a workplace. Whether it is gender, race, ethnic background, or age. A professional psychologist will help businesses understand and ensure that they foster diversity and train employees on diversity and the different human characteristics that make people different from one another.

Does Boosting Employee Morale Increase Productivity?

Boosting Employee morale will increase their performance at work and remain committed in their job position. Ensuring that employees feel appreciated, satisfied, and fulfilled at work will improve their attitude and work environment, which in turn will increase work performance and staying focused completing more tasks or being more productive in team efforts, understanding missions, using their initiative, and exceeding stated goals.

What is Functional Job Analysis?

Functional Job Analysis is a detailed examination that helps decide and conclude which individual would be the best candidate for the specific job position and will the individual be able to meet all the requirements and skills needed to perform at their best in that position. I-O psychologists assist businesses with occupational roles and help applicants or current employees ensure they fill their responsibilities and roles in a productive manner. Functional Job Analysis helps both public and private sectors in this regard to provide the best solution to any situation.

What is the Difference Between Industrial-Organizational Psychology and Human Resources?

Industrial-Organizational Psychology and Human Resources can easily be confused as the same, however, they are very different from each other. Industrial-Organizational Psychology focuses on research and studies employees with regards to their environment, how they think, and their behavior with the workplace. A human resource manager helps implement and develop programs. A human resource manager focuses on benefits and compensations to employees and ensures their needs are met.

What is Industrial-Organizational Psychology Important?

Industrial-Organizational Psychologists are extremely important. Their specific role within psychology is to observe a workplace and provide improvements to individuals, groups, and organizational dynamics. Unlike normal psychologist that specializes in individual personality traits and mental health issues, Industrial-Organizational Psychologists focus on the balance and well-being of the work environment and that both employee and employers needs and wants are met.

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